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Upcoming art show!

Hello everyone and welcome to my revamped site! I hope you enjoy all the updated content and new layout.

I have some exciting news about an upcoming art show hosted at the King Center down in Melbourne. Details are still being hammered out but my photography will be on display from June until August! Once the date and location has been laid out for me, I’ll be posting here.

Keep your eyes peeled for an update on this show and new photos!



I have many passions in my life, among them the outdoors, wildlife, dogs, and photography. All these things are mixed into a wonderful kaleidoscope of life and love.

Now with my web site, I can bring all this to you in the form of photographs.

Whether it is the beauty of the soft, furry face of a puppy or an old central Florida town, I hope you can experience those feelings with me through my photos.

Please let me hear your comments on my work.